TC8 2013

TerraFORM Development, LLC

Towering Cliff 8 is a development that is designed by Terra4orm Development to bring a better community through affordable living, shared community space, harness economic development, and enhance the local environment. In a prime location in Tuba City, the 8-acre site will feature a multi-use development that offers a social impact on quality of life, community, heritage, and legacy. With the local unanimous support of the development, TC8 will help ensure indigenous professionals’ goals to come home and help their communities.
The development will occur in phases over the course of several years in which the infrastructure has been completed in 2022. The first phase will consist of a multi-use facility of 14 residential units and 1000 SF of commercial space and is projected to open in 2023. Terra4orm Development is committed to developing and reinvesting in our communities.
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