Project Management

TerraFORM Development, LLC

  • Current indigenous clients have been in charge of their own projects and need the assistance of optimizing their project schedules
  • Perform quality assurance and is in compliance with latest regulations and industry standards
  • Our team has experience in leadership, centralized communication and protecting your best interests
  • Our team has extensive connections within the industry to get your project started and on schedule
  • Utilizing all of our services- VR, drone mapping, etc.
  • Cutting-edge technology and tools such as drone mapping, robotics stations, 3D scanning, design software, and mobile office
  • A well-rounded team is made up of engineers, architects, designers, and contractors who are managing the project.
  • In addition, we have sub-consultants that we can rely on for project management questions.
  • Experience in project management through working with the city, county, and tribal governments
  • TerraFORM is managing its own project, providing design and compliance.
  • Types of projects we've managed:
    • Primary infrastructure
    • Primary utilities
    • Commercial structures
    • Entertainment venues
    • Tour and conference
    • Water tanks